Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rosie and the "Radicals": Is there truth to her statements?

It seems that evangelicals are in an uproar over Rosie O'Donnell's recent tirade during which our beliefs are compared with those who attacked the World Trade Center on 9/11. Last week, I even received an email alert in which Don Wildman of the American Family Association was attempting to garner support for a petition to ABC to force O'Donnell to apologize. Strangely enough, while everyone else expressed their offense at her words, I found myself wondering if she might be closer to the truth than any of us realize!

Now, before you delete this blog from your favorites, call me a heretic, and write to discontinue your subscription to this weblog service, read on to see exactly what I'm talking about here.

Even a casual comparison of Biblical Christianity with the life and worldview of many Americans today reveals a strong antithesis, and my friend Spencer Haygood has expressed more eloquently than I could, how Rosie's words, when removed from her own intentions, seem to ring true in a way that should call us back to genuine Christianity. Regarding Rosie's comments, he says:

What she meant is wrong and foolish. But what she said is right and profound. Radical Christianity — that is authentic and passionate Christianity as the Bible defines it, seeking to love the Lord God with all one’s heart and mind and soul and strength and to love one’s neighbors as oneself — is not “just as” but probably is “more” threatening than radical Islam in a country like America — a culture committed largely to self-love, self-promotion, self-seeking! Radical Islam may disrupt business, inflict harm, cause ruin, and take lives through its terrorist tactics. But that’s not nearly as threatening to the secular American culture as a biblical world and life view that changes business and heals the harmed and reclaims the ruined and transforms lives through the power of the Gospel of God’s grace in Christ Jesus. May God give us such reformation and revival as will make us radical, biblical Christians in these days when the church seems bound in this Babylonian cultural captivity.

Well said! And you can read the rest here:

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