Saturday, September 09, 2006

Church Planting: The Podcast!

Resources designed to help church planters bring a new congregation to life can be found in books, on discs, and online. Likewise, stories of this volatile yet rewarding work are shared frequently by those with such experience. But such stories are usually told after the fact. My friend Dave Cowan is about to change all that!

When I arrived in Maryland in January 2005, Dave was working with Horizon Church, a new start in the Owings Mills area of Baltimore, and simultaneously launching a second church on the north side of the Beltway. He and Clay Carver had already worked tirelessly for four years prior to my coming to see a church multiplication movement in the northeast, and the results of their labors are still seen today in Horizon Owings Mills, and Horizon Towson. Combined attendance at both churches is near the 300-mark, a mega-church in the northeast!

Like many apostolic-type planters, Dave acquired a case of "itchy feet" several months ago, and in bitter-sweet fashion, we said goodbye to him last month as he and his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Dave will be working with the Arizona Baptist Convention to start a church in the University area while simultaneously beginning work toward his Ph.D. at the University of Arizona. I know he would covet your prayers.

Like anyone else with church planting experience, Dave could certainly share his past experiences with you. But instead, he has elected to share his present experiences with you. Via a new online weblog, you can learn about all of the ups and downs of starting a new church as it is happening!

In fact, these online adventures have already begun, and you can see them here:

The first podcast and weblog are already up, and videos are coming soon. Pray for my friend Dave, for the establishment of this new church, and for the unreached peoples of Phoenix. This new resource will allow you to do this more intelligently, while learning first-hand, and on the fly, what it takes to establish a new, local expression of Christ's universal body. Dave is a solid guy with a passion for mission. I hope you will join me as my family and I hold he and his up in prayer.

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RMc said...

Thanks for the link Joel. I serve on the Convention Council Church Planting team here in Az. I was excited to be a small part on the team that helps a little bit financially with Dave's vision for church multiplication in the Phoenix area.

Haven't heard too much about what has happened in the past several months though. Now I can !!! Thanks for letting him come help us in Az.