Monday, September 29, 2014

Mission Monday: Michael Frost on Listening to Your Community

"Felt needs" has always been a somewhat controversial concept in evangelicalism, and when the issue is discussed, the "heat" is usually generated by the most extreme expressions of both sides.  On one end of that spectrum are those who chafe at any mention of "scratching where people itch," suggesting that we "just need to preach the Gospel."  On the other end of the spectrum are those who believe the church should always be in the business of giving its community whatever the community wants.

As is usually the case, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

The following clip is from a message preached by Australian missiologist Michael Frost three years ago at Exponential.  I was present for the entire message, and found what he said to be greatly helpful, especially to a western church that too often presumes it has the answers.  And the result is that we often address questions our culture isn't even asking.  Frost's personal story in this clip about American missionaries seeking to engage Australians is particularly convicting.

Approaching any community from the standpoint of a learner is the first step to meaningful engagement.  Enjoy the brief insight this clip provides as to what this posture looks like.

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