Thursday, July 25, 2013

Great Deal on My New Book!

Last month, my new book Speaking from a Firm Foundation was released.  For the next two weeks, you can get it cheap!

The book is essentially a collection of articles I have written over the years, some here on this site, and others at places like Pastors Today by Lifeway, and The Christian Post.  The advantage of the book is that it organizes these writings by subject matter, so you can read in the traditional "front to back" style, or skip around to a subject you are trying to understand better.  The book is divided into eight parts dealing with issues such as truth, Gospel and culture, leaders and leadership, God's global mission, and how to think about and speak Biblically to significant moments.

Critical thinking is often absent in many conversations today.  Fact is, most of our national conversations are led by "talking heads" on the far left and far right, most of whom know little or nothing of what they speak, and merely seek to deepen divisions and line their pockets.  At the popular level, this often leads to lazy minds thoughtlessly committed to their respective political party or point of view.  It is tragic when any human mind is wasted in this way, but for a follower of Jesus, such waste is a sinful abuse of a great gift from God--the ability to think.

With each new generation, there is a need to apply God's unchanging truth in fresh ways.  In this book, I seek to model how to think through a broad range of issues from a distinctly Christian and Biblical perspective.

Though the bookstore retail cost is $17.99, you can get it for $5.99 by going here, and entering the discount code CJRVL4PB  when prompted.

Or, you can go here, and download the Kindle edition for only $2.99!

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