Monday, October 01, 2012

Preview of our time in Turkey

I've just returned from a great trip to the Republic of Turkey, along with six Maryland pastors.  We were hosted in that country for the past nine days by our friends in the Muslim community, and enjoyed a wonderful time of getting to know each other better, and where we had opportunity, sharing what we believe about Jesus.

I plan to post much more information in the coming days.  Currently, I'm at home seeking to recover from a pretty significant sinus condition I acquired overseas.  But below is a quick snapshot into one of the areas where we traveled together.

More details on this trip will be revealed at the annual meeting of our Association THIS SUNDAY!  I hope you can join us for this annual celebration of our collective mission work.  Currently, our churches are cooperating together in 16 different areas here in central Maryland and all around the globe, and the video below is just a small sample of the great stories you will hear this Sunday night.

Again, information on that meeting is here:

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