Friday, September 05, 2008

2012 Republican Ticket!

I couldn't help myself! I just had to post this because it is just too funny to resist. My friend and well-known missiological guru Ed Stetzer made a comment on Twitter a couple of nights ago that ultimately resulted in the picture above.

Scary thing is, he might just win! I can see it now; a $10,000 tax credit for anyone who plants a church! Oh yeah!

Then again, he's probably best suited for hiw current role. You can read that statement positively (as in "Ed, you are too good at what you do now to leave that role vacant.") or negatively (as in "Ed, keep your day job dude.")

Of course, Ed already has wa more executive experience than Obama! But he's also probably one of those guys who clings bitterly to his guns and religion.

Thanks for the needed laugh Ed.

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Jason Vaughn said...

Nah, Ed's too liberal for me. ha jk. We did have a fun political discussion about a month ago on his blog.