Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shocking News from Pew Research

I'd comment, but I am simply speechless! This MSNBC segment tells the story.


David Phillips said...

Joel...Really? You're shocked? I'm not shocked at the reality of the survey. I AM shocked at the % of people that answered other religions can get you to heaven.

I have to think this is the unintended consequences of a seeker-oriented church model. I had a couple who used to come to our church (but went to a large seeker-oriented church in Atlanta), "I don't know if I've ever heard a theological sermon series on the Trinity at [the church they attended in Atlanta]. I wonder if lost people would come for a series like that."

Not blaming it all on seeker churches, mind you. Just noting the emphasis on practicality as a model to attract people.

BTW...I thought you were taking a summer break!

Earl said...

This is a simple reminder about how open people are to exploring and considering are relationship with Jesus. The disengaged churches are in trouble with this reality. Matthew's friends seem to be ready to talk - and to listen. These are exciting times!