Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Summer Break from the Blogosphere

Martin Luther once commented; "I have so much to do today, that I simply must go to bed." As I observe my summer schedule, I think I know how he felt!

This summer is shaping up to be a busy one indeed, and includes the following:

-A Mission Trip to the Carribean: Yeah, I know what your'e thinking. But it really is. Next week I join a couple of our pastors down there to survey the landscape and talk with locals about helping with an indigenous church planting movement. Exciting stuff!

The Southern Baptist Convention: I'll be in Indianapolis June 8-11 for the annual meeting of my denomination.

A Mission Trip to Mississippi: In July, Amy and I will be leading a team of 40 in VBS, evangelism, and construction, as we continue to help rebuild the Gulf Coast area.

A Family Vacation: Because after all this, we are going to need one!

With all this in view, writing here is going to take a "back seat" for the summer. God willing, I should be back around the first of August, and I'll be keeping up with the blogosphere and other news, as always. Hope everyone has a great summer!


Jason Vaughn said...

Joel what is going on the 8th and 9th in Indianapolis. I was suppose to be a delegate but I'm working the 10th and 11th. Anything worth going to on the 8th and 9th?

Adam said...

well, enjoy your break, bro!