Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Book Now Available for Pre-Sale

The good folks over at Missional Press have afforded me the opportunity to put a few of my feeble thoughts about church planting into published writing. As of today, the book is available for pre-sale at a reduced cost directly from the publisher. The plans are to release the book in a couple of weeks. At that point, it should be available for purchase from local bookstores, at Lifeway, and on Amazon.

But if you want to get your copy in advance, you can get it here.

For upcoming reviews of the book, keep watch here, here, and here.


Jason Vaughn said...

wow I'm really impressed Joel. I'll start some WOM on this book right away.

Earl said...

I liked the chapter you gave me - a very fresh approach. Somebody did some fine artwork on the cover, too!

J. R. Miller said...

Hi, my name is Joe Miller. I got your name from Ed Stetzer's blog and thought you might be able to provide some insight from your experience in church planting.

I am currently a church planter, and am doing some work on my Doctor of Ministry project through Talbot School of Theology. My project is focused on developing lay teams for church planting. I thought you might be willing to help by taking a short survey to share your expertise.

If you can help, please visit my website with details and the link to this 5 minute survey

I will keep an eye out for the results.

Thanks and God bless,