Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pray for Union University

Last night, much of the nation was glued to TV sets watching the "Super Tuesday" primaries, and I'll admit to being among that crowd. But while the nation's attention was turned primarily toward politics, a group of Baptist students and educators were dealing with a weather nightmare. Thank God no lives were lost, and thank God for the opportunity given the leaders of this institution to bear witness to a Kingdom that is infinitely more significant than the United States.

The campus of Union University was the victim of several terrible tornadoes. Early estimates are that as much as 40% of the campus has been totally destroyed. More than half of the 1800 resident students lost their homes last night.

Please be in prayer for this great University. Pray that the administration and faculty will present themselves to public media in a way that gives honor and glory to a sovereign God who rules, even in the midst of tragedy.

Pray for the students, more than 50 of whom were injured, and several of whom were hospitalized. Pray for God to heal their wounds, be they physical, or emotional.

Pray that God will use these events to open widely a door that will allow the mass-spread of the Gospel message.

Pray for the Disaster Relief efforts that will no doubt be activated in response to this tragedy. Pray that those who respond will do so not only with their hands, but also with their hearts.

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